Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree is a Korean webtoon written by Kim Suji, illustrated by P, and adapted by Namu.

The official English translation is finally here! Read Under The Oak Tree Manga. Enjoy reading Under The Oak Tree for Free. I highly recommend this manhwa to anyone looking for a good read.

Under the Oak Tree Manga

Under the Oak Tree is the story of Riftan Calypse, a former mercenary turned captain of the Rembrandt Knights, and Maximillian Croix, the abused first daughter of the ruthless Duke of Croix. The pair get married by circumstance but the knight immediately ends up leaving her the day after their wedding night. Three years later, he returns an esteemed commander known throughout the kingdom for slaying the Red Dragon and has come to bring her home. Overcoming the struggles of their lives and along the difficulties, they end up falling in love as they slowly discover the truth about each other.

Under the Oak Tree Manhwa

Maximilian, the first daughter of the Croix family, grew up being abused by her father because of her stutters. Because of such physical and mental abuse, she develops a huge inferiority complex for her stutter and physical appearance with a general lack of self-respect.

When Maximillian’s father, Duke Croix, received a royal order from the King to fight the Red Dragon Sektor, he decided to marry his daughter to Riftan Calypse, a peasant knight to push off his responsibilities. Maximillian was sold off and forced to marry Riftan. Riftan and Maxi had their first night after the marriage, but Riftan left without a word the following day. After 3 years, they reunite when Riftan goes to extremes to push back the royal order to come to the city for a victory ceremony, just to pick up his wife Maximillian.

How would Maximilian face him on his return?